Monday, April 27, 2009


I got so busy talking about the wine festival that I didn't metion any surreal parts. Here is a recap of the day that doesn't include what was previously blogged or tweeted about:

* It was so hot that heat waves were squiggling off the surface of not only the rocks and gravel in Innsbrook, but also off of the sweaty people. I kept rubbing my eyes to fix it, but it was an optical illusion from the heat. Either that or a hallucination. I'll stick with the former.
* The crowd was relatively young, so they got drunk FAST. There were a couple of times when I encountered someone who was obviously tipsy (even plastered) but holding it together so well that I wanted to say "Good job. I can tell that you're wasted, but that's only because I am stone-cold sober. To the rest of the drunk people out here you are holding it together remarkably well. Kudos to you, Drunkface."

* I am a suck-up to cops. I can't decide if this is because I really respect what they're meant to do (because I do, the idea of cops is good), because I like having armed people on my side (also true), or because I think that they might let me off easy if I get in trouble someday (me? get in trouble? never!). Luckily for me it was not hard to be extra-nice to the cops at the Wine Festival, because they were extra-nice and friendly. Innsbrook cops are awesome, as long as you're not gettinig into trouble in Innsbrook.

* I am an old lady. Seriously. I know I mentioned my back and my sinuses yesterday, and today I have a nifty new rash on my cheeks. Regardez:

Heat rash? Nickel poisoning? Heaven only knows. Hopefully my cheeks won't rot off before I'm able to post again...

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  1. My cousin's Aunt died of cheekrot, but i don't think that's what you have. She was a fictional lady, whereas you appear to be quite real.


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