Saturday, January 26, 2008

When Sugar Fails

I just wrote a whole thing here and it went kaput. I can't possibly recreate it, but since it probably wasn't all that great to begin with it won't kill me to start over.

I suffered a rare bout of insomnia on Thursday night. I was babysitting overnight at a co-worker's house and found that I don't "overnight" well anymore. I don't sleep well without my husband, plus the sheets were scratchy, their heat was VERY dry (electric compared to our old-fashioned oil heat), and I had a lot on my mind regarding school and work.

No sleep makes me f'ing hyper. Seriously--mad chattering mania with jerky movements and breathless intensity. I'M uncomfortable around me when I'm like that, but there is no stopping it. Since I try so hard to get ample sleep (in order to avoid situations like these), I'm not usually out-of-control punchy at work. I just hope I kept it under control enough that I don't get an HR intervention for suspected drug use or Red Bull overdose.

So...yeah. No sleep (also known as insomnia) makes me hyper until about noon, wherein I crash miserably, becoming irritable, brainless, and lethargic. Yeah. So...I hope I don't get "interventioned" or fired. I try to keep myself as milk toast and PC as possible, and if I'm all-of-a-sudden going to have quirks other than the Shatner obsession, it would be nice if it was a cooler spontaneous x-ray vision or telekinesis. I guess we really can't choose our vices.

New week, new start. I read somewhere that inconsistent sleep patterns can cause headaches, so I'm going to try to regulate my sleep. I am going to try to go to bed at 10 every night and get up at 6 every morning. Exactly 8 hours, with nap options on weekends. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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